Texas Driver Education

Texas Online Driver Education

First time drivers in Texas have several options available to complete the State requirements for Texas drivers ed. In larger cities like Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston and El Paso, a traditional driving school is a popular choice. Driving schools typically have both classroom and driving instructors on hand to answer questions, provide structured classroom training along with on-hands behind-the-wheel instruction. For some, this is the perfect solution. For many, the cost associated with this type of course is prohibitive and the strict schedule getting to and from the course every day can be an overwhelming challenge for working parents.

Some Texas high schools still offer Texas driver education courses, which is very convenient. However, these are typically in larger cities that have bigger funding budgets to afford this type of training.

The most common type of course in Texas, is an online drivers ed course from a state approved provider. Online instruction is available for both teen (usually referred to as parent taught) and adult driver education courses, as well as defensive driving.

Texas Parent Taught Driver Education

Texas Parent taught driver education is by far the most popular choice for Texas teens. It’s very affordable and convenient for both parents and teens. Teens between the ages of 14 and 17 can use the parent taught method to complete their driver education requirements. The course provides 32 hours of online training that the student can complete as their schedule permits. This part of the course is equivalent to the “classroom” section of the course at a traditional driving school. Teens can log into and out of their online course, as their schedule permits, to complete the training.

Texas driver education online parent taught

Additionally, Texas parent taught drivers ed includes 44 hours of behind-the-wheel driver training that the parent or legal guardian provides. Parents are provided with lesson printouts for each driving objective. Because the course is self-paced, parents and teens can work towards the goal of course completion as their time and schedules permit. This makes the parent taught method very convenient for active teens and working parents.

Here’s a Break Down of How Parent Taught Drivers Ed Works:

  • Students between the ages of 14 and 17 start by enrolling in a TDLR approved Texas Driver Education Parent Taught course.
  • Print and complete Texas state form DL-92 (request to participate in the parent taught program); send completed DL-92 form to TDLR in Austin, Texas.
  • Receive parent taught (PTDE) packet from Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).
  • Student completes the first six hours of the online driver training.
  • Pass the written test at local DPS office.
  • Receive Texas learners permit at DPS office after passing the written test.
  • Start the behind-the-wheel driver training with designated parent or legal guardian using course printouts that cover each driving objective.
  • Student continues online course while also working on in-car driving lessons until the course is completed.
  • Student receives state form DE-964 (Driver Education Certificate) after course completion.
  • After student has held Texas learners permit for at least six months, has DE-964 certificate and is at least 16 years of age, apply for and receive Texas provisional drivers license.
Texas driver education online adults

Texas Adult Driver Education

First time adult drivers between the ages of 18 and 24, who did not complete driver education as a teen, are required by the State of Texas to complete a six hour Texas drivers education online course for adults. This also applies to adults in the same age group, who have not held a drivers license from another state, and move or transfer to Texas. Adults 25 and older who are first time drivers, are not required by the State to take the course, however, they can choose to enroll in the Adult course and will be required to pass the same DPS written and road test.

The adult driving course consists of six hours of online training. This training can be completed online, in one day, or you can work on it an hour or two per day until completed. The adult course includes the Department of Public Safety (DPS) written test, taken at the end of the course. Students have up to three attempts to pass the final DPS written test, however, most pass on the first attempt.

Upon course and written test completion, the student will immediate online access to the ADE-1317 Driver Education Certificate. Print this certificate and present it to your local DPS office as proof of completing a TDLR approved adult driver course.

At this point, adult drivers have two choices. Choose to schedule the DPS road test if you already have experience driving, or apply for a Texas learners permit. If the student chooses to schedule the DPS road test and passes, they can apply for their Texas drivers license. If the student opts to receive a learners permit, the student can legally practice driving with another Texas licensed adult (21 or over) in the passenger seat, until they have the driving experience necessary to pass the road test.

Here’s a Break Down of How Adult Drivers Ed Works:

  • Start by enrolling in a TDLR State Approve Texas Adult Driver Education Course.
  • Complete the six hours of online driver instruction.
  • Pass the final DPS written test at the end of the course.
  • Print the ADE-1317 Texas Driver Education Certificate from the course.
  • Bring ADE-1317 Certificate to local DPS office.
  • Apply for Texas learners permit or schedule DPS road test.
  • Receive learners permit or Texas drivers license.

First time adult drivers over the age of 25 can enroll and use the adult course as well. The only difference is, the State of Texas does not require adults over 25 to complete a Texas drivers ed online course for adults. The benefit to adults over 25 is that the course provides everything you need to get your drivers license. It includes the same six hours of online drivers ed training, the DPS written test (which will save you a trip to your local DPS office). It’s a cost-effective solution that will help make the process of getting your Texas drivers license a lot easier.